ANAM-Compagnia di Danza-Valentina Squarz

Valentina Squarzoni


Born in Verona, 1997, she studied in Liceo Coreutico Bonporti (TN) where she obtained her degree with top marks. She was selected in an European project, in which she worked with: Abbondanza-Bertoni, Nut Company, Lisa da Boot, Charlotte Zerbey; she studied also music, piano and body percussion. She graduated in 2019 with a BFA in contemporary dance by Accademia Nazionale di Danza with top marks. She worked with many choreographers like Stian Danielsen, Alberto Del Saz and Paco Decina. She won the price Jean Coste, as best student of the contemporary department in AND, received in the Capitolium (Rome). She studied with many dance teachers: Marino Kakizaki, Erion Kruja, Chien-Ming Chang, Germa Jauregui. She was selected for the Summer Intensive in Henny Jurriens Studio in Amsterdam, where she studied Shechter repertoire with Yeti Kim, Gaga method with Ian Robinson and Rachael Osborne. In October 2019 she danced in Human Methods by Marco Donnarumma in the Roma Europa Festival. She choreograph  and danced in her work "CORPOralMENTE RITMO”, performed in the Teatro Ruskaja and guest in the Knowmi event in Milan, she had also and interview by RSI radio to talk about her work.