Coreographed by Alisia Ialicicco

Body and soul, driven by an unstoppable desire, juggle the pitfalls and continue their path with determination and brio. The elegance of a suspended time, a weaving of bodies and music, in an investigation that constantly expands into the space. Intersection of movement trough an introspective journey, between will and surrender.


Created in 2019 in collaboration with the Lorenzo Perosi State Conservatory of Campobasso, premiere May 2019 at Teatro Savoia, with live music on the notes of Domenico Cimarosa's Concert for Oboe. Guest at the Premio Roma Danza 2019, performed on the Teatro Grande of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza, the company is invited to participate in numerous shows like: Giovani Creativi, Auditorium Unità d'Italia and Resid'And.