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Sara Ferrigno


Born in Campobasso, 1999. She studied dance with Alisia Ialicicco in her home town. In 2017 she participated to Tecniche di Danza Moderna (TDM) project by Caterina Rago, where she studied with prestigious American teachers like Pablo Ruvalcaba, Bradley Shlever, Kristina Berger and Caterina Rago. In 2018 she started a program in Opificio in Movimento (Roma) where she studied with Diana Florindi, Luca Russo, Karen Fantasia and Paola Sorressa, she takes part to many workshops with Hofesh Shechter Company and Fabian Thoma Duten for Cherkoui. Now she’s  studing composition in Accademia Nazionale di Danza, where she worked with the choreographer Hamdi Dridi in Without End, performed in Accademia Nazionale di Danza.