Choreographed by Alisia Ialicicco

Restlessness, strength and desire are the elements that animate the bodies on the scene. A cry of freedom, running away from the constraints of life on earth, to jump into the sea and become the waves. Inspired by the dialogue of Cesare Pavese Schiuma d'Onda, four dancers express the motion of the waves, a vulnerable force that is born and dies constantly. Water, current, wave foam, a flow of movement in which women bodies express their internal flame, their essence, which is freedom and at the same time, condemnation. 


Choreographic work created in 2018 for Mare Nostrum Emerging Choreographer Series at mentored by Christine Dakin, premiere in February 2018 at the Guardia Performing Art Theater in New York, with the american cast, was reconstructed  for the Company in 2019. Won the National Art Award 2019, by the Ministry of Education, and is host of numerous shows gaining excellent reviews from critics.