ANAM provides to organize contemporary dance lessons in your institute and/or dance school, developing a program suitable for the needs of your students and the structure. It will be possible to create a personalized program to provide you in a unique training experience, through lessons of Contemporary Dance and Modern Dance Technique to enrich the study path of your dancers.
Alisia Ialicicco
Energy, sharing and involvement are the fundamental aspects in her dance classes, all combined with a care for the practice of the modern dance technique and the experimentation of contemporary language, in order to be able to develop the skills of each individual dancer, in a non-judgmental perspective to motivate his/her essence through a movement that praises its soul.
ANAM-Compagnia di Danza-Alisia Ialicicco
Maria Grazia Marrazzo
An approach to dance through the search for the self, the movement resulting from an internal need and the purity that derives from it. Being a dancer, student, teacher without self-judgment, freeing oneself from the structures established by our own mind. These are the objectives that, through the technique of contemporary dance, the study of historical techniques in synergy with contact and improvisation methods, are set during the lessons.
ANAM-Compagnia di Danza-Maria Grazia Mar
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