About us

ANAM was born with the aim of enhancing the nature of each dancer through the development of a varied body language, investigating the elegance of the body and the natural impulse of each individual movement. Each gesture is deconstructed and recomposed, in a free search to reveal its soul. In this investigation, strength and vulnerability merge and confuse with a natural power, rich in nuances and enclosed in the body of each dancer. This is precisely the essence of the dancer that drives and strengths every single ANAM creation.


The language behind the company's works often has its roots in the art world. Intimate and versatile, it overwhelms and conquers the viewer by transporting him on a visceral journey with a strong perceptual and emotional impact. ANAM's artistic work generates deep and strong sensations, rooted in the spectator's history.


ANAM is the first dance company that has its roots in Molise. Through its activities, the company constantly works on the creation of a dense network connections to spread the language of contemporary dance on the national and international scene and to affirm its artistic and training work in the world.